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Wedding and Specialty Cake Designer - by Rina Marshall

I began my artistic journey at a young age. It started off with using crayons in a coloring book and eventually led into a black fine point sharpie in a sketchpad.


I always knew that merging my love of fine art and creating sweet confections was my true passion. I was known to substitute a slice of chocolate fudge cake for any meal of the day, after all dessert is the best part of every meal anyways.


In my search for a creative outlet, my desire for the culinary arts was met when I stumbled upon Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts in Toronto.   And that’s where my love affair with cake went to a whole new level! And I haven’t looked back since.

Wedding Cakes, Cake Artist, Cake Designer, Cupcakes, Sweet Tables, Cookies, Confections

As founder of Marshall Cake Artistry and bespoke cake designer, my goal is to provide clients with excellent service, unique design, and top quality products made of premium ingredients. I cater to clients who have a clever sense of taste and style, and who aren’t afraid to push the envelope a little.


During our creative process, I’ll gain inspiration from everything from fashion, interior design and nature, if you can think it, I’ll make it!


I believe every cake is an original artistic masterpiece created just for you.  So, lets bring edible art to life and create something gorgeous!  


Life is awesome. Keep it sweet.


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